Safety and Security Education

Use these educational tips and free resources to elevate your safety and security best practices and build confidence with your customers to shop for jewelry without worry.

The Safety and Security Academy. 

The Safety and Security Academy is powered by PureSafety On Demand by UL Solutions and consists of 16 courses containing content aligned with the Jewelers’ Security Alliance Manual of Jewelry Security.

This e-learning program is great for new employee onboarding, monthly group training sessions, and biannual staff refreshers.

Learn how to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of criminal targeting
  • Decrease crime related losses
  • Travel safely with valuable inventory
  • Stay safe during and following a criminal incident

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Let everyone know you take safety seriously.

Our supporters at Jewelers Mutual® Group have created this signage you can download and display at the front entrance of your store.

Let your customers know that safety and security is a top priority. And send a signal to would-be criminal actors that you’re serious about security.

Security front window signage (downloadable PDF)

Safety Tips for your Customers

Whether it's an engagement ring, diamond necklace or a family heirloom passed down for generations, having a cherished piece of jewelry stolen is something you never want to think about. In fact, personal jewelry theft is on the rise in certain parts of the country, and many of these robberies are happening in broad daylight.

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Tip Sheet (PDF)

Social Graphic (PNG)

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Watch for Potential Red Flags

  • Enter your store in a large group as one unit
  • Appear to signal one another
  • Are actively on their cellphones taking pictures or video beyond what you would expect from standard customer behavior
  • Avoid eye contact and conversation, disguise their appearance or avoid touching anything
  • Ask unusual questions like:
    • How many people are working today?
    • What is the most expensive item you carry?
    • Where is your safe located?
    • Do you offer in-store credit?
  • Arrive long before opening or just prior to close
  • Open and close your store with at least two people present
  • Request a photo ID before showing any item of value
  • Assist only one customer at a time and show only one item at a time
  • Lock showcases immediately after removing or replacing merchandise
  • Match credit cards and checks with a photo ID
  • Don’t allow anyone in your store before or after normal business hours
  • Use a code word or phrase to alert other associates of suspicious activity

REMINDER: It is critical that you apply these actions consistently and uniformly as a business practice for all customers in your store.

Join the Movement.

Take the pledge and gain access to a badge, social graphic, breakroom signage and more in your Partner for Protection Digital Toolkit.

Suspicious Incident Logbook

Keep a record of interactions or observations that seem suspicious to help you better assist law enforcement.

Robbery Checklist

Use this checklist to train your staff on what to do before and after a robbery.

Store Signage

Let your customers know that safety and security is a top priority.